What are the Ragless Tools top five competitors?

A rag is its only competitor


Who are the companies that distribute and manufacture these competing products?

Wherever rags are sold, I see them in oilfield supply stores sold in boxes and of course uniform services offer the red rags that they pick up and wash along with the uniforms


What product will most likely suffer in the marketplace as a result of your product being successful?



What trade association would most likely want Ragless Tools?

Hardware vendors/oilfield supply, Oil companies, Chemical Companies, Fuel Distributors, Fueling stations, Tank Manufacturers. Environmental groups,


What problem does the invention solve?

Gauging of tanks is messy with the use of rags, using the “Ragless Gauge Stick Wipe “almost eliminates the use of a rag (I still keep a rag around to make sure my hands are clean before I write in my tally book). The majority of liquid falls back in the tank and there are very few rags soiled with oil or other chemicals to deal with or dispose of. It is actually a “Green” product and will reduce environmental impact in all locations. It also gets the job done faster getting you away from potentially hazardous areas quicker as H2S gas is often present around frac and production tanks.


What need does the Ragless Tools fill?

Better way to do a necessary task. Tank gauging is a vital procedure. In many cases it is an hourly task, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. In some instances it is the only way to calculate flow rates on oil and gas wells. With the commercial sales of gasoline, gauging is done at convenience stores, truck stops ect.. by both those delivering fuel and receiving it.


How does this Ragless Tools solve that problem or fill that need?

Reduces cost, time, mess and risk. In addition, it allows a method of adhering fluid recovery back into the tank being gauged.


What makes the Ragless Tools unique from other products/solutions of its kind?

It has made a task easier, cleaner and safer. It is unique because up till now no one has taken the time or thought to address it before. There is no product on the market like it that I am aware of. In addition, it allows a method of adhering fluid recovery back into the tank being gauged.


What difference or impact is it going to make in a specific niche or industry?

It will be a cleaner, greener, and faster more efficient way to gauge fluids in tanks with a gauge stick in the oil and gas industry along with chemical and others that deal with measurement of liquids. In addition, it allows a method of adhering fluid recovery back into the tank being gauged.


Here are the top ten benefits of Ragless Tools :

  1. Cleaner, faster way to gauge tanks
  2. Recovers adhering fluid from gauge stick and easily allows user to push liquids back into the tanks
  3. Cuts down on expense by saving use of rags
  4. Cuts back on contaminated jobsite waste and lowers EPA waste removal fees
  5. Compact design, bright color (easy to be found if dropped on the ground) and light weight
  6. Easy to use, with or without gloves on
  7. Durably constructed and oil field tested
  8. Prevents accidental rags from being dropped in tanks, which may cause extraction pump failures
  9. Spend less time in potentially hazardous area
  10. It’s a green product, helping keep the use of rags down and helping keep whatever liquids you are gauging in the tanks where it belongs and not on rags or on the ground

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