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This is a device used to remove fluids from a gauge stick without using a rag to do so. It slides onto a gauge stick and uses a rubber gasket to remove liquid by squeegeeing it off the stick

The purpose of this invention is to create a cleaner, faster, more efficient way to gauge tanks containing fluid and recover adhering fluids on gauge sticks.

Benefits: This process recovers adhering fluids on gauge stick and allows user to push these fluids back into the tank with every measurement. Use of device is a cleaner and faster method to clean the gauge stick than using the traditional methods of cleaning gauge stick with rags. Keeps the user’s hands away from harmful fluids. Prevents accidental drops of cleaning rags in the tanks that often causes the extraction pumps to get clogged or damaged from these stray rag drops. Lowers the cost of rag usage. And lowers the EPA removal fees associated with disposal of used oily rags.

Many fluids being gauged can be somewhat toxic and the soiled rags must be dealt with appropriately. Some fluids emit hazardous vapors and the invention can reduce the time spent in those areas. Cleaning the gauge stick with a rag is messy. When using this tool properly the fluids on the gauge stick are returned to the tank. This can ultimately save money in material also. This tool could also be considered a “Green Product” as it ultimately reduces the amount of hazardous chemical waste.

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